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Capital Medical University (CCMU) was founded in 1960. It ranks among the top academic medical institutions in China, and is considered as one of the key municipal universities in Beijing. The founding President, Professor Wu jieping, was a world-renowned urologist, member of both the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering. The current President is Professor Lu Zhaofeng.

Starting Date :October 2016

Application Deadline :Sep. 02  2016

Duration of Study :6 years

Teaching Language :English

Tuition : RMB 35,000 per year

Application Fees : 150 USD (Non-refundable)

Living cost : 1,000-2,000 RMB/Month.

Main Courses: Systematic Anatomy, Histology and Embryology, Topographic Anatomy, Cytobiology, Biochemistry, Medical Biology Experiment, Medical Genetics, Molecular Biology, Physiology, Medical Functional Experiment, Medical Microbiology, Medical Immunology, Human Parasitology, Pathogenic Biology and Immunology Experiment, Pathophysiologist, Pharmacology, Neurobiology, Pathology, Abnormal human morphology Experiment, Inspection Body Diagnostics, Experimental Diagnostics, Medical Imaging, Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Pediatrics, Lemology, Neurology, Ophthalmology, Otolaryngology, Stomatology, Dermatovenereology, Psychiatrics, Evidence-based Medicine, Chinese, Advanced Math, Medical Physics, Medical Ethics, Medical Psychology, Basic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry

Course Arrangement
6 years’ Program include:
1 year foundation course (on campus courses),
2 year basic medicine (on campus courses),
2 year clinical medicine (on campus and hospital courses),
1 year hospital work (in hospital)

Fee Structure

Registration Fee: RMB 800
Insurance Fee: RMB 600/year
Tuition Fee: RMB 35,000/year
Living Cost: about RMB 1,000-2,000/month
Accommodation fee: 50 RMB/Bed/day for Double Room; 35 RMB/Bed/day for Triple Room (charged as 360 days/year)
In Total: about RMB 50,000-56,400/year
Note: Fees are not refundable after you check in and register.


Those students with good performance and evaluation can apply for BEIJING GOVERNMENT SCHOLARSHIP by the end of the first academic year.

Degree Awarded

On completing the requirements of the teaching program and passing the graduation examinations successfully, international medical undergraduates will be granted a graduation certificate and conferred a medical degree by the university, if they meet the degree regulations of the university. The English copy of the degree will state MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery).

Application Materials

1. A photocopy of the applicant’s passport;
2. Passport-size photo;
3. A photocopy of the official high school graduate certificate;
4. A photocopy of the transcript;
5. A photocopy of guarantor in China’s identity card;
6. Certificate of guarantee;
7. Transcript of TOEFL or IELTS; or English proficiency certificate;
8. Physical examination certificate;
9. Certificate of no-criminal record;
10. Financial Statement and letter of commitment for payment in time.

Admission Requirements

1. 18-40 years old, healthy;
2. Willing to obey Chinese laws and regulations and regulations of Capital Medical University;
3. No requirements for students from English-speaking countries;students from English-teaching countries should hand in relevant proof; TOEFL 550 and IELTS 5.5 for students from English as a second language countries;
4. High school graduate.

Capital Medical University (CCMU) was founded in 1960. It ranks among the top academic medical institutions in China, and is considered as one of the key municipal universities in Beijing. The founding President, Professor Wu jieping, was a world-renowned urologist, member of both the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering. The current President is Professor Lu Zhaofeng.

CCMU consists of 10 Schools, 14 affiliated hospitals and 1 teaching institution. The university and the affiliated hospitals have a staff of about 20,000. Among the staff, there are 6 members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences or the Chinese Academy of Engineering, over 1,000 professors, and over 2,000 associate professors. The university has over 9,000 enrolled students. CCMU provides a wide range of educational programs for Doctorates, Masters, Bachelors and certificates.

The faculty physicians at CCMU train annually several thousands of clinical residents and fellows. Also, the faculty members also provide continuous medical education to physicians and other health professionals through seminars, teaching rounds, and tutorials on and off campus. Over the years, the university has graduated a large number of academic leaders and general practitioners for Beijing and the whole country.

CCMU is a well known academic institution for its strong competence in the scientific research. It hosts many national and municipal key disciplines, laboratories and some exchange stations for post-doctoral research. High-caliber national and municipal research and training centers and institutes are founded here, covering a wide range of fields including General Practitioner Training, Clinical Medicine, Basic Medicine, Neurosciences, Ophthalmology, Geriatrics, Urology, Cardiology, Pain Medicine, Toxicology, Biomedical Engineering, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Reproduction, Health Policy and so on. We have achieved national and international recognitions in many areas such as Neurobiology, Cytobiology, Immunology, Medical Iconography, Neurology, Neurosurgery, Cardiology, Cardio-vascular Surgery, Kidney Transplantation, Respiratory Disease, Digestive Medicine, Oral-Maxillofacial Surgery, Ophthalmology, Otolaryngology and Pediatric Hematology, among others.

CCMU provides excellent international exchange programs. It has partnerships and agreements with many universities and institutions with more than 20 countries and regions, supporting activities such as faculty and student exchange programs, joint education and joint research projects.

Since 2001, Capital Medical University had assumed more than 300 projects of National Basic Research Program of China (973 Program), The National High Technology Research and Development Program of China (863 Program), national Scientific fund project, municipal Scientific fund project, Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission Research fund and received over 70 National and Municipal Awards.

Capital Medical University was approved by MOE as qualified to offer MBBS program in English in 2008. Now about 380 international students from 40 countries are studying on campus.

CCMU is listed in the WHO World Directory of Medical Schools and the graduates of MBBS program are eligible to take the Medical Licensing Examinations held by the medical councils in different countries such as CMC, MCI, MMC, NMC, MCC etc.

Students need to do the internship/training in China, and the tuition will cover the internship fee.

If international students would like to do the internship in China, Capital Medical University would help student choose a hospital.

The students will do the internship in the 14 affiliated hospitals and 1 teaching institution with a total of nearly 10,442 beds:
1.Xuan Wu Hospital, Capital Medical University
2.Beijing Friendship Hospital, Capital Medical University
3.Beijing Chao Yang Hospital, Capital Medical University
4.Beijing Tong Ren Hospital, Capital Medical University
5.Beijing Tian Tan Hospital, Capital Medical University
6.Beijing An Zhen Hospital, Capital Medical University
7.Fu Xing Hospital, Capital Medical University
8.Beijing You An Hospital, Capital Medical University
9.Beijing Children’s Hospital, Capital Medical University
10.Beijing Stomatological Hospital, Capital Medical University
11.Beijing An Ding Hospital, Capital Medical University
12.Beijing Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital, Capital Medical University
13.Beijing Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, Capital Medical University
14.China Rehabilitation Research Center
15.Beijing Center for Disease Prevention and Control

Capital Medical University has a group of world advanced medical equipment. In order to keep a stable and excellent team of clinical medicine faculty, the school has recruited 548 professors and 994 associate professor.

After obtaining MBBS Degree, the graduates can apply to take the medical licensing examination in the medical council in order to get registered and practice medicine. According to the regulations in different countries, the students may need to do the degree accreditation first. A MBBS degree holder can find jobs in government as well as private hospitals, nursing homes and other health facilities. Except this, one can also start his own clinic or pursue study for master’s degree.

Note: The school will issue the new internship policy in March, 2016. For details, please keep pace with the update on our website.

Roots Education provides two kinds of application methods for international candidates to study English medium MBBS programs at China’s universities. They can choose the quick and convenient online application system or the traditional offline application route-Apply via Email.

Online Application Procedures

To complete the online application process, you need to follow the four main sections below:

1. Click ‘Apply Now’ button on this page and login, if didn’t have the account, register first.

2. Fill out the online application form with real and correct informaiton, including personal information, education background, language proficiency, etc.

If you’re not sure how to fill out the form, please check if there are any instructions behind the blank.

3. Upload the required application materials

Please upload photocopies of required application materials according to the university’s admissions criteria.
All the materials should be MS-Word (.doc), Adobe PDF (.pdf) documents, image files (.gif, .jpg), or compression files (.rar, .zip). Each file cannot exceed 8 MB (megabytes)

4. Make payment

Students who choose Western Union or Bank transfer as their payment method need to upload the payment receipt after you wire the money at the post office or bank.

5. Submit application

Please submit your application once the application fee is confirmed by Roots Education. To submit your application, please access My Roots Education-> My Applications by logging in Roots Education, click ‘Continue’ at ‘Application Status’ column, and go to the ‘Submit Application’ section. You will see a big ‘Submit’ button. Click the button and your application will be sent directly to the university.

Once you’ve submitted your application, please wait 2-4 weeks for the university to process your application. Once the university has made a decision, Roots Education will notify you by email. You can also track your application status by logging into your Roots Education account.

Offline Application Procedures

The steps for ‘Apply via Email’ are as follows:

1. Choose a MBBS program;
2. Click “Apply via Email” to download the fillable application form and documents;
3. Open forms in MS Word and fill in required information electronically, please make sure the information is accurate and correct to receive your JW 202 form;
4. Send us the completed form and other required application materials;
5. Pay the Application Fee and Roots Education Processing Fee, keep the receipt;
6. Send us the copy of receipt, and the school will process your application once receiving your bank receipt;
7. Check your application process via email periodically, and track with your admission status;
8. Wait for your admission notice from Roots Education within 5 workdays, and the JW 202 form will send to you in 2-6 weeks;
Email Address for MBBS Application: info@rootseducation.in


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