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Ovidius University is the largest university in Europe to the Black Sea coast. Located in Constanta, the largest town in Dobrogea and Romania throughout Southeastern University is a blooming economic region, which is a cultural bridge between the West and the East, the European Union's eastern gate.

In 1989, Romanians overthrew the Communist regime started on a new path, democracy and respect for human rights, the road that led the country into NATO in March 2004 and the European Union in January 2007.

Ovidius University is a defining landmark of Constanta, an ancient metropolis wich history begins 2,500 years ago. Greek colonists from Miletus founded in the late sixth century BC, Tomis wich was conquered by the Romans in 71 BC and renamed Constantina by the Roman emperor Constantine the Great in honor of his sister. The name was shortened to Constanta during the Ottoman era.

During the XIII century, especially Genovese merchants dominated the Black Sea and Constanta flourished so, and then decline, two centuries later, under Turkish rule. The city began to revive in the nineteenth century, with the development and construction of the bridge over the Danube port. King Charles I had an important role in development of the city as the main commercial hub and spa.

Constance has continuously developed in recent years to become the largest city in the region. Constanta is the largest European port in the Black Sea and one of the largest on the continent. The city is linked to the capital and the rest of the country by a modern highway, Europe, the Danube-Black Sea Canal and around the world through an international airport.

Faculty of General Medicine (6 years)

Faculty of Dentistry (5 years)



Medical Council of India

World Health Organisation

Other international organisations

Roots Education provides two kinds of application methods for international candidates to study English medium MBBS programs at China’s universities. They can choose the quick and convenient online application system or the traditional offline application route-Apply via Email.

Online Application Procedures

To complete the online application process, you need to follow the four main sections below:

1. Click ‘Apply Now’ button on this page and login, if didn’t have the account, register first.

2. Fill out the online application form with real and correct informaiton, including personal information, education background, language proficiency, etc.

If you’re not sure how to fill out the form, please check if there are any instructions behind the blank.

3. Upload the required application materials

Please upload photocopies of required application materials according to the university’s admissions criteria.
All the materials should be MS-Word (.doc), Adobe PDF (.pdf) documents, image files (.gif, .jpg), or compression files (.rar, .zip). Each file cannot exceed 8 MB (megabytes)

4. Make payment

Students who choose Western Union or Bank transfer as their payment method need to upload the payment receipt after you wire the money at the post office or bank.

5. Submit application

Please submit your application once the application fee is confirmed by Roots Education. To submit your application, please access My Roots Education-> My Applications by logging in Roots Education, click ‘Continue’ at ‘Application Status’ column, and go to the ‘Submit Application’ section. You will see a big ‘Submit’ button. Click the button and your application will be sent directly to the university.

Once you’ve submitted your application, please wait 2-4 weeks for the university to process your application. Once the university has made a decision, Roots Education will notify you by email. You can also track your application status by logging into your Roots Education account.

Offline Application Procedures

The steps for ‘Apply via Email’ are as follows:

1. Choose a MBBS program;
2. Click “Apply via Email” to download the fillable application form and documents;
3. Open forms in MS Word and fill in required information electronically, please make sure the information is accurate and correct to receive your JW 202 form;
4. Send us the completed form and other required application materials;
5. Pay the Application Fee and Roots Education Processing Fee, keep the receipt;
6. Send us the copy of receipt, and the school will process your application once receiving your bank receipt;
7. Check your application process via email periodically, and track with your admission status;
8. Wait for your admission notice from Roots Education within 5 workdays, and the JW 202 form will send to you in 2-6 weeks;
Email Address for MBBS Application: info@rootseducation.in


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