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In 1915, the Division of Medicine at the Russian Warsaw University was moved to Rostov on Don and that gave rise to the present day Rostov State Medical University. It was initially formed as a department and later transformed into a medical Institute in 1930. There were about 295 graduating doctors in the first graduating class of the newly formed school.

Due to the diversity in the students that attended the University, an award of the Order of Friendship was awarded to the University in 1980. With students from all parts of the world represented.

In 1994, the Rostov Medical Institute which is the largest basic training, research and treatment center in southern Russia was renamed the Rostov Medical University.


In college annually trains over 5000 students and 7000 students – the faculty training and professional retraining of specialists, each year more than 650 people trained in the internship, residency, the graduate school. The university operates the coordinating council for additional post-graduate professional education of the Southern Federal District. In college widely used modern educational technology, including computer.

In 2008, RostSMU Medical established a military training center for students training contract to contract service in the Armed Forces of Russia in the officers’ positions after graduation.

The University operates 91 department, which employs over 800 people teaching staff, of whom more than 130 doctors, professors, about 500 candidates. The university engaged in research and clinical activities, and 3 1 academician, corresponding member of Russian Academy of Medical Sciences. 52 professors are members of other Russian and international academies, 9 employees are Honored Scientist of Russia, 26 – Honorary Doctor of RF and 10 – Honored Worker of Higher School of the Russian Federation.

The best traditions of their predecessors continue to develop now working academics and professors. In the growth LGU formed unique scientific schools: IY Serebriiskii, AA Kashaev POB Lelchuk, AN Gordienko, VA Nikolsky, PA Sokolova, PP Kovalenko, NV Danilova, MJ EVTODIEVA, AA Kolosov, PM Shorluyana, EK Alimov, MP Nevsky, AA Botchkareva, BI Vorobiev, AE Essel, AG Ponomareva and others, who are currently adequately develop their pupils.
Faculty for international students

The University has its own clinic, which has 1000 beds, and apart from this has its bases in the largest city hospitals also, which enables the students to acquire sound practical knowledge and skills. University buildings and clinics are provided with up-to-date equipment, and other modern appliances. There are 63 departments, 27 of them are clinical based in the best clinics of the city, more than 150 research and educational institutions function in RostSMU.

Rostov State Medical University proves to be one of the oldest Higher Medical educational establishments in Russia. The history of its foundation is significantly different from the history of other medical institutions in Russia. In 1915 the Russian Warsaw University was evacuated from Warsaw to Rostov-on-Don where the University had become the Donskoy University. The best representatives from the medical institutions of Warsaw, Moscow, Saint-Petersburg and Kazan had gathered in its medical faculty and founded its own unique Rostov medical school that had become one of the best in Russia. Later on the University’s medical faculty and Rostov Medical Women Institute were united and became the largest centre of medical science and training of medical personal in the South of Russia.

The University celebrates its 75 anniversary in 2005. Today the University possesses modern educational buildings, clinics and departments, institutes and faculties supplied with modern diagnostical and medical equipment for training high-qualified specialists.
leftDepartment of Pediatrics

The names of our outstanding ophthalmologists, traumatologists, morphologists, immunologists, orthopedists, cardiologists, physiologists are known all over the world. The main directions of the scientific-investigation activity of the University are:

Studying of the pathogenesis, diagnostic criteria and effectivity of the treatment HIV-infections;
The pathogenesis, diagnostics, treatment and prophylaxis of the heart-vascular diseases
Development and introduction of the methods of the X-ray diagnostics and radiation therapy;
Studying of the pathogenesis mechanisms and development the treatment methods of the ulcerative disease;
Treatment methods in acute surgical diseases of the thorax, abdominal and pelvic cavities, methods of endoscopic surgery;
Development and improvement of the methods of the prophylaxis, diagnostic and treatment of the urological diseases;
Development and introduction of the methods of the diagnostics and early revelation of the tuberculosis;
Ethiopathogenesis, diagnostics and treatment of the blood system diseases;
Reconstructive surgical procedures for the treatment of posttraumatic patients;
Diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation of the patients with the mental illnesses, development of the measures for the urgent psychiatric and medico-psychological help in social stress and extreme situations.

Savisko Alexey A. – Rector of the Rostov State Medical University, Honorary Doctor of Russia, Honoured Doctor of the Republic of Ingushetia, MD, Professor, Head of outpatient pediatrics.

Professor Savisko AA attaches great importance to the organization of educational process in the university. There are now also being introduced interactive forms of training, computerization of the educational process. The best teachers and doctors of the University have the opportunity to take internships in health clinics and universities in Europe. On the prestige of specialties derived from the university, shows a wholly owned employment as a result of the commission sharing.

In the framework of the priority national project “Health” Professor Savisko AA actively developing and effectively implementing a practical health-date programs of medical and social rehabilitation of children and adolescents. During the period 2006-2008, as part of the educational objectives of the priority national project in the health sector in the growth LGU been trained a total of 639 physicians in primary care. Of these, for the Rostov region 509 people, including 253 general practitioners, 164 district pediatricians, 92 general practitioners, for the Chechen Republic – 130 doctors, including 51 district general practitioner, 50 district pediatricians, 29 general practitioners.

Professor Savisko AA is a successful scientist, developing trend in pediatric cardiology. The greatest response in the scientific community have made it work in the field of forecasting and population genetics noninfectious pathology in children. Clinical activity of Professor Savisko AA inextricably linked to the University Clinic of Pediatrics and Department of outpatient pediatrics. For many years, under the guidance of Professor VN Chernyshov He worked on the rehabilitation of children of liquidators of the Chernobyl NPP.

Continuing the traditions of his teacher, Professor VN Chernyshov, Professor Savisko AA actively pursuing innovative direction in education and clinical activities of the University, healthcare Southern Federal District. Dean is the chief pediatric cardiology SFO, the organizer of the majority of scientific and educational forums SFO.

Scientific activities increased and coordinated through the research of implemented and on faculties and courses. The University is functioning effectively the central research laboratory (CSRL), conducting a wide range of biochemical, molecular genetic, morphological, microbiological studies. Works Research Institute of Immunology, work is underway to establish a Research Institute of Urology and Nephrology, and Center for Humanitarian adaptation and inter-ethnic communication (Center for Gamo) under the auspices of the Southern Branch of the Russian Academy of Education. The medical university research is carried out in 5 major scientific fields: medical and biological problems, ecological and hygienic problems of protection of public health, scientific and institutional framework for prevention, diagnosis and treatment of important diseases of women, mothers and children; scientific and institutional framework for prevention, diagnosis and treatment of surgical diseases, scientific and organizational basis for prevention, diagnosis and treatment of major diseases of internal organs. Over the past 5 years received 11 international grants.

The university theses are 4 council candidate and doctoral dissertations.

State educational institution of higher education “Rostov State Medical University, Federal Agency for Health and Social Development” promotes international scientific cooperation with Britain, the USA, Germany, France, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Armenia, Moldova and other foreign countries by exchanging researchers and students, teachers, highly qualified specialists, taking part in international scientific conferences, congresses.
Noble Prize (physiology) winner prof. I.P. Pavlov

Rostov State Medical University is a member of the North Caucasus Research Center High School and head of its medical department. Scientific researches are carried out on the basis of the departments, clinics and in scientific divisions. Central Scientifically Research Laboratory, Scientific of Clinical Morphology and Genetics, Clinico-biochemical-scientific-studying Complex, the Centre of Surgery are organized and function at the University. The Centre of Microbiological Methods of Research is being created at the University. Scientists of Rostov State Medical University cooperate with many establishments of the Russian Academy of Science, the Russian Academy of Medical Science.

The international scientific cooperation is carried out with scientific and medical establishments, with large foreign high schools: the High Medical Institute of Pleven (Bulgaria), Medical Faculty of Glasgow University (Great Britain), Medical Faculty of Southern Alabama Mobil University (USA), Universities of Rochester and Illinois (USA), the Dutch Centre of Science on application and introduction of information methods of treatment, Institute of AIDS of the Harward University (USA), Medical Faculty of the Cologne University (Germany). During the last years the cooperation with firms – manufacturers of medical equipment and pharmaceutical preparations is being developed.
Fountain opposite the Music Conservatory building.

Scientists of the University carry out cooperation in scientific-practical activities with European Haematologic Association, with the European School of Pathologists in Italy, the World Psychiatric Association, the Royal Society of Doctors of England, the International Association of Anatomists and Integrative Anthropologists.

Medical University Clinic – multidisciplinary facility that is well placed to-date diagnostic studies and high level of effective consultative and specialized diagnostic and medical care to the population of the Rostov Region and other areas of the Southern Federal District and the Russian Federation, it is also the largest training base, which has optimal conditions for Teaching and Learning process with the use of progressive forms and methods of training, the latest achievements of medical science. The clinic institute future doctors are able to acquire the necessary skills and get acquainted with the most modern medical equipment.

The clinic has 860 beds at the hospital, including 20 specialized departments, 18 medical-diagnostic units, 17 clinical departments, whose employees carry significant medical, counseling and teaching work. In the consultative and diagnostic polyclinics growth RostSMU daily carried about 200 advisory receptions for 37 occupations in which employs 130 professionals, including 17 doctors of medical science, 61 PhD, 21 heads of department. For registration and accounting of all consultative and diagnostic work, as well as hospitalization using modern computer technology. Activity clinics, design consultation and hospitalization of patients are carried out using automated computer programs.

In recent years the growth of RostSMU conducted the centralization and automation of many diagnostic and treatment units, which allowed to concentrate and make rational use of personnel, medical equipment, improve the quality of each structural unit and a technology of continuous treatment and diagnostic process.

Rostov State Medical University – is

- Descendant of the Russian Imperial University of Warsaw, the focus of the preservation of Russian culture and intelligence.

- An international university, which trains more than 100 nationalities and ethnic groups;

- System of training students, nurses, laboratory technicians, paramedics, doctors, pharmacists, managers, graduate students, doctoral students;

- The system of continuous training at the pre-university, undergraduate and postgraduate stages;

- Preparation of domestic and foreign nationals in the field:

General Medicine Faculty of RostGMU (Rostov State Medical University);
Faculty of Dentistry;
Faculty of Pediatrics;
Faculty of Pharmacy;
Faculty of Medico-prophylactics;
Faculty of International Students[1]
Faculty of Postgraduate and Continuous Education;
Faculty of Armed Force Medicine;
Faculty of English Sector[2]

The University has collaborated with the World Federation for Medical Education, the World Health Organization, UNESCO, the British Council, the United States Agency for International Development, the American International Health Alliance, and participating in a wide range of joint international research projects.

The University has been collaborating with the World Federation for Medical Education, with the World Health Organization (WHO), with UNESCO, with the British Council, with the United States Agency for International Development, with the American International Health Alliance, and participating in a wide range of joint international research projects.

Nowadays about 6300 (8000 with PG) students study at the faculties. University buildings and clinics are provided with up-to-date equipment, and other modern appliances. There are 63 departments, 27 of them are clinical based in the best clinics of the city, more than 150 research and educational institutions function in RostSMU.

The University is recognized by WHO (World Health Organization), ECFMG (USA), Medical Council of India (as per MCI Rules). Rost.SMU is member of AMSE (Association of Medical Schools of Europe). After passing degree from Rost.SMU students are eligible for USMLE (USA) or PLUB(UK)Exams.

All our graduates apply their knowledge and skills acquired at the University in the field of healthcare. All the Rost.SMU graduates pass different certification exams when applying for jobs at clinical establishments of any country of the world – from Europe to Australia. Now more than 1000s of graduates are working abroad, many of the students have defended the PhD in foreign universities and scientific centers (Norway, Sweden, Poland, Germany and Finland).We are proud of our former medical students working in many clinics all around the world. At present our scientists including the young ones collaborate with leading experts from the European Universities and clinics as equals, take part in the international scientific projects and they are among the experts of the World health Organization.

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