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Medical Institute n.a. Chkalov (now «The Orenburg State Medical Academy») was established in 1944. Classes began at the Department of General Medicine (4 course years). Official founders of the Institute are considered to be Lazarenko F.M., histologist, professor; Olifson L.E., chemist, associate professor; Silantyev A.K, associate professor, surgeon; the first director of the Institute was Fetisov N.V., surgeon-dentist. Department of Pediatrics was opened in 1970, a scientific-research laboratory was opened for exploration of mechanisms of natural immune system. Doctors Improvement Faculty was opened (now it is called Department of post-graduate training for specialists), student’s hostel № 3 and canteen were built in 1985. The institute continued its development in 1990-s, new departments, such as Department of higher nursing care and Department of preventive care, were opened. The Orenburg State Medical Academy opened 3 new departments in 2002 (Dental, Pharmaceutical, Department of clinical psychology) and became a higher educational institution with 8 departments.

Nowadays 555 members of scientific and research staff work at the Academy, there are 93 Doctors of Medicine and 298 Associates of Medicine among them. The Academy unites 8 departments in the following directions: General Medicine, Pediatrics, Preventive care, Clinical psychology, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Nursing care and Department of post-graduate training for specialists, 56 chairs, preliminary courses for entering the Academy, internship, residency, post-graduate training and higher doctorate, 4 dissertation committees, scientific and innovative center of research coordination, the clinic, the laboratory of digital educational technologies, educational simulation center and other structural subdivisions.

There are the following programs of post-graduate professional education: - Internship – 28 programs;

  • Residency – 37 programs;
  • Post-graduate training – 30 programs;
  • Higher doctorate – 3 programs;
  • Programs of additional professional education.

More than 3000 students and 1000 listeners at the Department of post-graduate training for specialists study at the Academy, about 500 professionals in Medicine graduate from the Academy every year. Leading national and foreign clinics are very interested in graduates of the Academy because of their high qualification.

The Academy has great influence on education, science, economy and social sphere of Orenburg and the Orenburg region.

Department of General Medicine

Duration and mode of study – 6 years, full-time course of study.

Qualification after graduation from this department – “General medicine”.

Academic program. Curriculum for 6 years includes 21600 class hours; major subjects are studied for 6948 class hours.

Regular personnel. 26 Doctors of Medicine and 88 Candidates of Medicine teach at the department.

Clinical trials – more than 15 trials.

Practical training.

  • Assistant of medical attendants (after the 1st year of study).
  • Assistant of a charge nurse (after the 2nd year of study).
  • Assistant of a treatment nurse (after the 3rd year of study).
  • Assistant of a hospital-based physician (after the 4th year of study).
  • Assistant of a physician at the adult polyclinic (after the 5th year of study).

Post-graduate training. Internship in 18 specialities – 1 year of study. Residency training in 28 specialities – 2 years of study.

Dental Department

Duration and mode of study – 5 years, full-time course of study.

Qualification after graduation from this department – “Dentistry”.

Academic program. Curriculum for 5 years includes 10800 class hours, major subjects are studied for 3888 class hours.

Regular personnel. 17 Doctors of Medicine and 41 Candidates of Medicine teach at the department.

Clinical trials – 6 trials.

Practical training.

  • Assistant of a charge nurse and a treatment nurse (after the 2nd year of study).
  • Assistant of a dentist-hygienist (after the 3rd year of study).
  • Assistant of a dentist-surgeon (during the 4th year of study).
  • Assistant of a dentist- therapeutist (after the 4th year of study).
  • Assistant of a children’s dentist (during the 5th year of study).

Post-graduate training. Internship in speciality “Dentist – general practitioner” – 1 year of study. Residency training is allowed only after post-graduate training, it takes 2 years of study in the following specialities: “Therapeutic dentistry”, “Surgical dentistry”, “Maxillo-facial surgery”, “Orthodontology”, “Prosthetic dentistry”, “Children’s dentistry”.

Scientific and research work at the Orenburg State Medical Academy

Scientific and research work is carried out in global top-priority directions of fundamental and applied studies in the frames of the following Scientific Schools:

  • Epidemiological and pathogenetic aspects of prophylaxis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases at the stages of cardiological continuum;
  • Human ecology and environmental hygiene;
  • Neuroendocrine mechanisms of regulation of morphogenesis, regeneration and adaptogenesis of cells and tissues;
  • Surgical pathology of abdominal cavity organs;
  • Improvement of medical care to population of the Orenburg region;
  • Methodological basis of grounding of regional health indicators in children and teenagers;
  • Pathology of joints: clinic, diagnostics, therapy;
  • Structural and functional characteristics of human microbiocenosis and interactions parasite-host in various pathologic conditions.

The Academy has necessary infrastructure, which allows carrying out research work with intellectual property protection and implementation of new medical technologies. Personnel of the Academy received 350 invention patents.

Database of scientific-research, design and experimental projects, remote access to the database is provided.

Research studies are provided with modern equipment, tools and software.

Management of the Academy supports common international innovative projects, development of licensing mechanisms and international certification, formation of international groups.

There are three hostels at the Academy: no.1, no.2 and no.3. First they were opened in 1961, 1964 and 1981 correspondingly. They became the second home for young people who came from different places.

All favorable conditions are created in the hostels: rooms for organization and running of events, sports areas, household rooms with all necessary equipment, personal hygiene rooms, libraries, Internet, cloak-rooms.

Main directions of work are:

  • formation of social and living conditions for students;
  • improvement and activation of work of self-government bodies;
  • formation of conditions for personal development and realization of creative activity;
  • propaganda of healthy lifestyle.

A new structural subdivision – Sports club – was opened at the Academy in 2013. The main aim of its activity is organization and improvement of sports work with students, propaganda of healthy lifestyle and upgrading of sportsmanship. Sports club is an educational and training structural subdivision of the Academy. 12 sports leagues are functioning in the Club (aerobics, swimming, basketball, volleyball, indoor soccer, track-and-field athletics, table tennis, lifting, skiing, chess). The number of sports leagues will increase after opening a new sports center of the Academy.

Our sportsmen often participate in competitions of municipal, regional, interregional and national level. The sports club organizes intramural competitions among students.

We are always glad to see new students who are fond of sports and ready to do it at the Orenburg State Medical Academy!

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