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The Medical Schools of UK are proud of the talented doctors they produce each year. The versatile field of Medicine has been respected all over the world throughout centuries. Many aspiring medical students dream of becoming reputed medical professionals some day. The medical schools of UK make the dreams of these student come true by offering them world-class medical curriculum and excellent Internship Programs.

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Salient Features of Studying MBBS in UK

Complete your MBBS in just 5 years

Highly accredited degree

Great job potential across the world

Work permit during the program

MBBS Degree accepted by Medical & Dental council of India and Recognized by Health Ministry of India

Medical Courses in UK

As UK is home to some of the best Medical Colleges in the world, students from various parts of the world come to study medicine in UK. One can pursue bachelor of medicine or bachelor of surgery at the undergraduate level from various medical colleges in UK. Medical students in UK also generally spend one additional for earning an intercalated degree. After successfully completing the undergraduate medical courses in UK, one can go for various specializations and postgraduate courses.

Scope of Medical Courses in UK:

The field of Medicine is immensely vast and rapidly developing. Radiology, Gynecology, Cardiology, Dentistry, Orthopedics, Oncology and Surgery are few of the many options offered by these schools. After getting through all your Medical Degrees and Specializations you may choose to work as a Doctor or a Medical Researcher in Correctional Facilities, Rehabilitation Centers, Hospitals, Clinics, Nursing Homes, and at various other Government or Federal Health Departments.

Living in UK: the main reason people chose living in UK is the low cost of live including cost of properties, accommodation, student tuition fee, common transportation, foods and restaurants, etc. Living in UK is ideal idea for retirement because of UKn low prices as well as good health care facilities and a mild climate. But not only retirees move to UK. A large number of younger adults and families are relocating to UK. Students are among those who choose to spend some years in UK.

Living in Romania offers plenty of opportunities to enjoy the better things of life for many people, coming from a typically stressful working environment in the Occidental countries: the beach in summer, skiing in the winter, golf, walking in the mountains, horse-riding, fishing, football; painting, photography, bird-watching; opera, theatre, music; clubs, concerts, cinema – it’s all here. On the other hand, living in UK, you could spend your days pottering around the garden and your evenings outside watching the sun go down over a glass of home-made wine, just like your neighbours.

Wherever you are in UK, there is a distinct touch of the old world living alongside the new. On the other hand, living in UK, you could spend your days pottering around the garden and your evenings outside watching the sun go down over a glass of home-made wine, just like your neighbours.

Wherever you are in UK, there is a distinct touch of the old world living alongside the new. Most foreign tourists, who choose UK for their summer vacation, choose to rest on the Black Sea coast, gently touched by sea breezes. Some of them prefer to use the so-called all-inclusive packages, helping to isolate them from the local population and to enjoy their vacation. With several hundred US dollars or Euros, Germans and other western tourist can enjoy a week in some renowned seacoast resort such as “Albena”, “Golden Sands” and “Sunny Beach”.Some of them decide to come back regularly or even to spend the rest of their live.

All of those opportunities combined to the cheap tuition fees of high education, possibility of studying in English and hospitality of local people allow international students to fill home as soon as they arrive. Living in UK for short or long period remains unforgettable experience for those who have chance to experiment it. International students easily fit straight into UKn cultural society and enjoy a student life full of excitement, fun and creativity.

Study Medicine in UK

  • Capital : Sofia
  • Currency : Lev
  • Area : 110,994 Sq Km

Location :

South Eastern Europe bordering black sea between Romania and Turkey


Muslims 13%, Christian 5%, UKn Orfriodox 82%


In January min – 5oC, in fully Mix 24o C

Universities :

Higher institute of medicine

  • University of Sofia, sofia cit
  • Higher institute of medicine Plovdiv city. University of Plovdiv
  • Higher institute of medicine pleven, pleven City

The Bulgars a central Asian tribe merged with the local Slavic inhabitants in the late 7th century to form the first UKn state. In succeeding centuries, UK struggled with the Byzembia empire to assert its place in the Balkans by the end of the 14th century the country was overrun by Ottoman Turks. Northern UK attained autonomy in 1878 and all UK become independent in 1908. having fought in the losing side in both world wars, UK fell within the soviet sphere of influence and become a peoples Republic in 1946. Communist domination ended in 1990. when UK held its first multiparty election since world war II and began the centenrians process of moving toward economy while combating inflation.

Study in UK is to study in European Union, taking advantage of excellent quality of education and life. Increasing mobility and links between UKn higher education systems and universities within UK and all European Union countries, amazing available diversity both inside and outside universities in UK and in all Europe lead to building carrier on good basis.

UKn universities are well known in many scientific domains such as medicine, mathematics, technical ( computer sciences, engineering), chemistry, biology, linguistics etc. Some UKn Universities offer English, French or German programs and deliver double degree (UKn and degree from the partner universities). So, it is very common to get American, French, British, German and so on degree from UKn universities.

In UK universities, the level of education is very high while entrance requirements are slightly less stringent. Students choosing to complete their medical degree studying in UK, are free to do internship years and work throughout the EU, and many other countries as well.

International students are attracted by good high education level, degree recognized in all over the world, large game of study opportunity (English, French, Germany and UKn program, a lot of fields of studies, credit transfer, etc. ) very reasonable tuition fees and living costs, safe and friendly living environment etc.

Most of international students studying in UK are from UK, Germany, Greece, Italy, Israel, Turkey, Indian, Ghana, Nigeria, but not only.

Choosing to study in UK may be the right way leading to your career.

Medical Teachers guarantee that graduates from these medical universities are eligible to take the Medical Licensing Examinations held by the medical councils in different countries such as MCI, PMDC, USMLE, HPCSA, SCFHS etc.

According to MOE , higher educational institutions that enroll international students for the undergraduate medical program in English shall have the authority to grant master’s degree in Basic Medicine and Clinical Medicine (First-level Subjects), and the affiliated hospitals with Grade III, Level A.

The universities have their own first-class medical labs with pretty good facilities in the nationwide. And all the universities have the 3A comprehensive affiliated teaching and practicing hospitals approved by the Ministry of Health.

After you receive the school admission letter, it will take 2-5 weeks to get your student visa.

Some universities specially provide girls’ hostel, boys’ hostel and the common hostels that anyone can apply.

Yes. Almost all the universities have the Muslim restaurants for both international students and the local majority students.

All universities receive applications for MBBS programs through Medical Teachers. It is the official online portal for international students applying to all international medical universities. Medical Teachers was set up with support from all country’s Ministry of Education to act as an online liaison between international students and their medical universities. Medical Teachers application process is done online.

There is a wealth of other areas that students can study. Students can study various aspects of their art and culture. Students can also take advantage of classes on dance, painting, calligraphy, literature and more while they study medicine.

A local language course is compulsory in every university which offers MBBS in English. Even if classes are conducted in English, the language spoken in daily life is essential for students when they leave the classroom. It is helpful for international students to know local language. Nevertheless, not all of the universities ask the students to pass the HSK test at a certain level before graduation. For detailed information, you check the accredited universities respectively.

In general, universities are not accept the transferring from a school, university or institution where you have studied in a degree program.

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