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Kyiv medical university of UAFM with an idea to inculcate the principles of alternate medicine in the conventional medical world was established in the year 1992, by Dr. PokanevichValeriy (1950-2012) is one of the best institutes for medical education in Ukraine. The university has been outperforming many other institutes located in the country holds a special department of Research and Innovation with a simple goal of implementing all the modern training methods into the conventional medical education system to reach the aspired goal of training excellent clinicians.

KMU aims at maintaining a reputation of teaching with a difference. The rare specialty of combining the basics of Folk medicine with conventional medicine makes our specialists have an edge over all other health professionals in the world. The University has been constantly working on combining principles of evidence based medicine and Practical based learning in the traditional European curriculum to give that added advantage to our students.

The University enjoys pardonable pride in being the only institute in Ukraine with a program that allows the student to have hands on practical training in the best private health care establishments in the country. KMU IS the only university in the country to have a unique practice of making its students undergo part time training in Germany or Poland.

The university has more than 200 qualified lecturers and famous scientists to train the future doctors along with highly qualified departmental heads who are well know experts in their fields:

The admission process in our university consists of the following steps.

Step 1- Application

For an application to be processed it should be made abiding with the dates mentioned above and must comprise of required documents as mentioned below:

1. Complete application form. (download here)

2. International Passport.

3. Scanned passport sized photograph.

4. Proof of educational proficiency i.e A higher secondary/ A level or equivalent examination pass certificate with marksheet with Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English as compulsory subjects and with a minimum of no less than 65% aggregate marks.

5. Date of birth certificate.

6. Any other education documents if available.

7. A personal data use consent form.(download here) Once complete the application can be submitted either online or at apply@kmu-kyiv.com

Step 2

Conditional Offer Letter- On successful processing of the application and its acceptance by our admissions committee a student shall subsequently be issued an Conditional offer letter of acceptance.

Step 3

Accepting the offer- An admission offer issued shall be deemed accepted by the student when the university shall received 10% of the tuition fee in the university bank account as security deposit for issuance of invitation.

Step 4

The invitation letter- On completion of step 3 a student will be issued an invitation to study which the original shall be sent to the student/representative.

Step 5

Applying for visa- Once the original invitation is received the student needs to apply in the respective Embassy of Ukraine and submit their application for obtaining student visa. Further information for visa requirements can be attained for respective embassy website/representative.

The Kyiv medical University has its own hostel accommodation for all its students. The student dormitory enables students access to a lot of facilities automatically. The hostel becomes second home for the students in a matter of few days where students from all over the world come, live, study and interact. The hostel is located very close to the educational campus and is a 7 min walk from the main campus and is well connected to all the basic provisions like Metro, Bus stops, Super Markets and other convenience stores.

The hostel also has the following facilities :



Reading room with free internet

Assembly hall

Male and Female shower rooms

Kitchen and separate wash rooms

The hostel has different types of room configurations and generally the international students are offered rooms according to their choice and convenience.

The hostel also has round the clock security provision for safety of every student staying in the hostel.

KYIV Study Experience

The life of International students in Kyiv does not seem to have any difference from that in other parts of the world. Most of the student’s life in Kyiv is pretty much about studying & staying healthy which helps other foreign students to set themselves at the same environment. Mostly two types of students’ lives in Kyiv: Those who have grown up and live in the city and those who come to study from the foreign countries so there is built-in environment for the students to study here with full enjoyment and dedication. There are footballs, basketball and other sports clubs for students, where they will have the opportunity to get develop with physical strengths.

It is generally believed that students who come to stay in Kyiv have a more secure and comfortable life than other places of Ukraine. There are dormitory houses for students who do not have much of financial strength but it’s a fact of Kyiv that Two-thirds of all students from Kyiv University live in dorms and thus they do not meet the satisfactory yet unreasonable standards of living. Nonetheless, this gives students a way of living independently which provides them more freedom and a way to experience the life of being a student in different ways.

To find living places for students in Kyiv students can contact local rental-housing property owner which are available almost at every place in Kyiv. Although there is a student housing district for the students of Kyiv University, which is also home for the non-resident Kyiv State University’s students. This student housing compound is located on the outskirts of the city which is near away from Kyiv and can be reached with the help of public transportation. For the ease of students, University built a model dormitory building few years ago that encourage students to live inside the campus. This hotel-style dormitory is different from the present buildings of this University and is well appreciated among students.

Course overview

The Faculty of general medicine at the Kyiv Medical University offers a 6 year undergraduate program according to the license by Ministry of health and education of Ukraine. The program is a 6 year Undergraduate program leading to M.D Physician (MBBS) qualification which is recognized by the Ukrainian ministry of health to be enrolled as a practitioner of general medicine in Ukraine and also WHO hence making the university a leading choice by foreign students for MBBS in Ukraine.

The faculty offers education in English, Russian And Ukrainian medium of instructions. The six year program is a complex program with each academic year divided into two semesters i.e. Fall and Spring semester. Each semester has their own curriculum with a student required to abide by all the internal curriculum rules and regulations set up by the university for MBBS in Ukraine.

The foreign students have their own faculty of general medicine with the entire course conducted in English. The university has its curriculum for international students set up according to the EU(European Union) rules with first three years dedicated to Pre clinical subjects and the final three years dedicated to the clinical subjects.

The Dean of Foreign Faculty Dr. Sherbakova. A.V. makes sure that each student international student who arrives to the university for his dream MBBS in Ukraine gets all the required training to be a clinical specialist. The course at the faculty is an intense program with lecture based learning and discussion classes to impart practical based learning too.

The faculty co-operates with various clinical establishment within the European union as well as other renowned countries for organizing a student exchange program to impart world class clinical exposure to all the capable and hardworking international students.

The faculty has its pre clinical basis in the university campus at 134, KharkovskySchosse, Kyiv while the clinical part of the curriculum is conducted in various departments at various Kiev City as well as private hospitals in Kiev to impart maximum clinical exposure to the students.

The faculty members are dynamic, fluent in English, experienced and versatile to incorporate all the latest methods apart from traditional Ukrainian methodology of education to make MBBS in Ukraine amemorable and knowledgeable experience for each of its International student. The faculty strives to live up to its motto of Training Excellent Clinicians.

Rules For Admission

study medicine in ukraine in english

To take MBBS admission in Ukraine International students follow the same requirements as per mentioned by the authorized regulatory of Kyiv Medical University in Ukraine. Students wishing to be a part of this university can seek admission in mbbs. Kyiv Medical University carried out the admission in Ukraine as direct admission in mbbs as well as regular admission in mbbs which is to be carried out following the rules and regulations of Kyiv Medical University.

These procedural steps are followed as per the university’s criterion for admission into mbbs:

Seeking applications can make an entry to the university taking the form of soft & hard copies such as: electronic structure, papers etc which show the choice of a student for his specialization and field to continue his learning ahead.

A student may have to submit an application or applications for admission in the form of paper or electronically choosing no more than five universities in Ukraine and no more than special area of interest of training or three fields of training in each of them. Applications to the University for the duration of study or major in distinctive forms of preparing given by a contestant alone, yet considered the fact of filing a claim.

The reality that each application in paper structure (demonstrating the originals or duplicates of the documents attached to the application) is enlisted by the authorized individual selection committee in single database quickly when making the application.

The application of admissions get registered in a single database which can be easily reversed by a decision of the university admissions committee until the applicant gets included into the recommended enrollment scholars list, provided that the procedural errors when entering related information to a solitary base and as verified by an act admitted as a mistake, formed in a single database. Disregarded application is measured as filed and the detail of such filing shall be ignored in a distinct database so he/she can file a new application for the same specialty in university.

During the submission of applications to participate in the entrance examination, a student shall specify in each applicant’s application, the priority of the Declaration on the other his application, and the priority index of 1 means the highest priority.

Following are the necessary documents required:

Document certifying identity and citizenship (under Article 5 of the Law of Ukraine "On Citizenship"), military ID or certificate of origin, certificate of birth - for persons age do not have a passport or other document proving identity and citizenship;

Document state of previously acquired education (educational qualification) level, through which the introduction and annex); Certificate (s) external evaluation (for applicants on the basis of complete secondary education

Document state of previously acquired education level, through which the entry and its annex, the personal choice of originals or copies;

Certificate (s) external evaluation (for applicants on the basis of complete secondary education), the personal choice of originals or copies;

Copy of identity and citizenship;

Six color photographs 3 x 4 cm.



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